Driven By Enthusiasm. Steered By Principles.

At Leather Deal, we are propelled in our endeavor and our relationships with others by 3 vital concepts – our principles. These are the beliefs that have made us noteworthy since the launch of our business in 2005. They are:

The Shopper Rules!

All that we do must commence and end with an unparalleled drive to foresee and fulfill our customers’ needs. That means we are and will forever be dedicated to being at the forefront of what’s new and noteworthy in the leather goods arena, offering favorite products at unmatched prices to our customers.

Inclusion Propels Our Uniqueness.

We thrive on the diversity of our products because customer feedback throughout the years has shown that the choice must rest with the consumer. From one of the most premier fashion capitals of the world – New York City - we are here to provide an incredible breadth of leather products from all around the United States and Europe.   

How We Play the Game is Key.

Doing what is right means following our values, which are at the core of everything we do. Not only do we ensure that our products are manufactured with skins acquired from environmentally friendly tanneries, but we also offer a lifetime warranty on each and every purchase offered by Leatherdeal.com.

These principles are a connection to our past and a guide for our future. And they’re the benchmark of accomplishment for how we work today.